Service Stickers are custom printed and sized to suit your requirements.

We have a range of options available for service stickers, including

- Single Side White - Face Inside 

- Single Side White - Face Outside

- Double Side Print

Service stickers are printed full colour with UV inks and are writable on the inside facing component. The outside facing component is not suitable for writing as it is the adhesive side. We also have a range of screen print options for service stickers.

We have a range of standard sizes in the double side print service sticker range to increase cost effectiveness of these labels.

Service stickers are used for mechanics service stickers, lube stickers, next service stickers, timing belt changeover stickers, mechanical service due stickers, plant and equipment service stickers. 

CMYK UV service stickers are supplied as sheets. Screen Print service stickers can be individual or rolls.

If you are unsure, we are here to assist you with your purchasing experience. We have a great range of service stickers available, and are happy todiscuss your requirements and provide options to create a unique label and product branding for you.